Syllabus for life!

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September 22, 2012 by chriszumtobel

Today I stumbled across this list online and I realized how applicable it is to what I am trying to do on this blog.  Guidelines are often a useful thing to put in place, but can be especially useful when you put them in place for yourself because you are in control of what matters to you and what doesn’t, giving you the ability to curate the list exactly towards your own personal goals.

Of course, his list is not a viable alternative to necessities like Law school and Medical school, but  even more than as an alternative to grad school (as he refers to the syllabus) I think it can be used as a stimulus for everyday growth in the lives of any person, regardless of if they are freshman in High School or the CEO of Intel.  Progress each day can be fun and is of course useful but when adding a guidelines to it, you can cement the learning at a level that wouldn’t be possible without the kind of direction a syllabus can add.

Although I remember (and I’m sure you do too) the Syllabus day as one of the most boring and pointless points of the school year, over the next week, I am going to be taking the time to list my own priorities and develop a syllabus of my own on my path towards continual progress.

Make sure to check out the syllabus above by Chris (great name) Guillebeau and let me know in the comments what you would include in a syllabus if you took the time to make one! And then go ahead and make one!

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