Duolingo: A Beneficial Addiction

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September 26, 2012 by chriszumtobel

So I have a new addiction… But what’s cool about it, is that I don’t think this addiction is a bad thing.  It’s called Duolingo and it is a website dedicated to translating the internet. What is really amazing is in return for helping out with some translations, they will let you use their awesome program to learn a foreign language!  Here is a really engaging video demonstrating how the whole process works.

Right now it only includes Spanish, French, and German but they are adding more languages in the near future thanks to a recent $15 million dollar investment.  I have really been loving the Spanish portion of it; although I have only done a few translations, because I have mostly been spending my time moving up the ranks of Spanish Skill Tree!  They offer the option of learning / practicing each section or of testing out of it, which is really nice because it does start off at the very beginning.

My only complaints so far are that sometimes the woman’s voice during the listening exercises is a bit robotic, making it tough to understand, and for some reason I had trouble setting up my mic for the oral portion, but I think that is more of a personal computer issue and I will be able to sort it out when I take the time.  I really have very little to complain about and am loving the site (as I am sure you have realized by now) and the  part I am most excited about is to be able to have an idea what level my Spanish is really at after my trip to Spain!

I really encourage everyone to check it out here.  Let me know in the comments if you have any sites where I can learn anything in as addicting of a fashion as this one!

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