Why It Is Good To Be Busy

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September 27, 2012 by chriszumtobel

It’s in our nature to put things off for later: I do it, you do it, we all do it in one way or another.  Sometimes the adrenaline rush you get when finishing a project at the last minute can feel amazing and seem much more rewarding than finishing weeks in advance, but what happens when there isn’t a last minute?

Some things we put off have no real deadline and in many cases this means we will never actually do them, but only think about them and plan them until we convince ourselves it was a bad idea in the first place and completely forget them.

We can acknowledge this problem, but can we fix it? Can we become Un-Procrastinators?  Yes we can, you can.
For some it is as easy as giving yourself a makeshift deadline, such as a party celebrating task being completed (that way there is nothing to celebrate unless you finally get yourself to finish whatever it is that needs being done) but I think everyone is different.  Each person really needs to sit down and decide what it is stopping them from just DOING. For some it is that they are afraid it will fail, for others it is because they are worried what people will think of it, and in certain cases it can be that the problem is that they have too much time.

That is exactly the problem in my case: too much time.  This means I can always put things off for later because I have so much time that there is no reason to do it now.  But I think I have found the solution, I have written myself a draft of a syllabus (which is now up on this site and you can read it here) and I have made the Syllabus very ambitious (and will constantly be adding more to it). This syllabus outlines my days, weeks, and semester, leaving me little space for wasting time and a lot of space for getting things done!

This will make me a very busy person and as my dad always said,“If you need something done ask a busy person.”

So here is to being busy! And getting things done!  Let me know what it is that makes you procrastinate below!

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