Quest for the Crispy Waffle

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October 2, 2012 by chriszumtobel

So yesterday I ended up throwing a tater tot at my sister and hitting her in the eye (long story, she always gets hit in the eye), but I felt really bad about it and decided I owed her waffles this morning.  Waffles are her favorite thing in the world but we can never make them right at home, and we always have to take her out to get them for her to really be happy.

I figured it couldn’t be that hard to make a perfect waffle and it would really get me off the hook for the whole tater tot incident.  It would also count as one of the recipes I need to learn on my syllabus for life and give me the initiative to wake up early, so last night I got on pinterest and started looking for the picture of the crispiest, most delicious waffle I could find.  After a little hunt and even a French translation of a Belgium waffle recipe (some google translate action) I finally settled on this one.

They look beautiful right? And really crispy? Well I woke up at 6:30 am this morning (Progress!) to give it a shot and I was feeling really good about myself. I watched a Youtube tutorial by a French Chef (he was a goofy dude) to learn how to separate the yolks, it was really easy, (although next time I want to try this method).  My only mistake the whole recipe was to mix the wet ingredients together separately rather than to add them to the dry mixture one by one.

The batter was the perfect consistency and it smelled wonderful, but when I pulled the waffles off the iron, they were soft… My sister was so thankful to have them but I know they didn’t have the same crunch and flavor as they do when we go out to get them.  I’d like to the blame the waffle iron (as it is twenty years old) but I’m not sure if that is reason enough for them to lose all the crunch…

These waffles were pretty good, but just not quite what I was hoping for.  I’m going to keep trying and hopefully soon I will find the perfect waffle recipe (and iron).

Do you have any advice? Anyone have a perfect waffle recipe they’d like to share?

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