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October 3, 2012 by chriszumtobel

Most of the time on this site, I post about either how to learn online or something interesting that I have learned on the internet. But today I realized, I am still yet to include my favorite way to learn: reading books.

Today I am going to add a page my blog where I will post all books I have read since starting my blog.  I will recommend them to a certain type of reader, and I will try to include something I learned from it or something people should hope to learn from it.

I love to read and write fiction, so many of the books I post may not be as educational as others except for their literary value, as I stick mostly to the classics.  But I will also include works of nonfiction, because I love to read books on both business and philosophy.

Books are not only an amazing source of almost infinite knowledge but they are an enjoyable and comfortable way to learn.

I know with most blogs that have a “Books” page on their site, it will include books that have been written by the blogger, but this will be different and I think it will be a lot of fun for everyone!  Hopefully someday, I will have a “Books” page dedicated to books I have published, but until then I am just going to continue to enjoy all the wonderful books that are already out there!

Click here to check it out!
If you have any books you recommend please let me know!

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