Enjoy a Bike and a Book

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October 18, 2012 by chriszumtobel

I’ve recently bought a new road bike, which has led to a new favorite pastime of mine.  If you didn’t notice in the picture, the bicycle has a book rack on the back of it (the reason I picked it) and I love to stick my current read between the rack and hit the road.

I just ride until I hit any sort of park or bench or nice part of the river, then I stop and I pull out my book and I enjoy the beautiful weather and the crisp pages of a novel – although I am struggling through The Human Stain right now… I may need to refer back to my post on when and when not to give up on a boring book.

At least, while the weather holds up – and before the snow hits – I’m going to make an effort to enjoy this small pleasure at least 3-4 times a week.  Nature is a beautiful thing and it is especially beautiful just as Fall is coming into full swing, and I plan on appreciating it, well, until it gets too cold to bear.

I’m going to have to start throwing my notebook on the rack as well, because I’ve always done my best writing sitting on benches in parks, and if I want to have any chance at finishing NaNoWriMo, I am going to have to start outlining like a madman!

This will be the latest addition to my syllabus (weather permitting) and I am going to take advantage of my great new bike, not only to get some exercise but to take in the last few weeks of peaceful weather before the snow hits.

Do you make the time to enjoy nature and a novel?  Do you think can start to?


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