Start Every New City by the River

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November 2, 2012 by chriszumtobel

As I am visiting a new city today, I made sure to go for a bike ride (although I forgot a book…)  The first thing I do when I travel to a new city is either walk or bike to the river.  Not only is it almost always the most beautiful part of ant city, but having a good feel for the location of the river really gives you an idea of the orientation of the city.

My bike ride through Salem was beautiful this evening.  There are so many leaves on the ground that it is hard to even stay on the sidewalk because you can’t even see where it ends!

I biked past the capital, which was beautiful.  I always love to see different capital buildings.


I always rode over an awesome bridge from which I had an amazing view down river of the trees and the water that my phone wasn’t able to capture in the dark. Here are the lights on the bridge and hopefully tomorrow I will go on another ride I can get some pictures of the river and better pictures of the city to post!



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