Help Somebody Out – It’ll Feel Good


November 10, 2012 by chriszumtobel

Have you heard of

If not you will soon. Well, now I guess, because I’m telling you… is a website which provides a way for people like us to make micro-loans to small business owners in developing countries.  It is sooo easy and basically a free way to help someone out, as over 99 percent of the loans are paid back on time.  I just donated for the first time and I know there will be many more to come.

Meet Luis Alfredo.

Luis is a cheerful person. He is very responsible with his job, he is resourceful and he has a great wish to progress in life to make his dreams come true and improve his family’s standard of living. Luis lives with his wife and their son in the town of Ibarra.

Luis works with his wife making items of clothing such as crossed-stitched T-shirts and synthetic leather jackets. Luis has been engaging in this activity for years and things have been going very well. He can currently count on many customers and for this reason he needs to increase his production in order to get a better income ant to keep on progression. For this reason he has decided to ask Fodemi for a loan to use it to buy rolls of cross-stitched cloth and synthetic leather sheets for his jackets.

Luis dreams of owning an adequate sewing workshop for his activity and to succeed in hiring more people to increase his production, in order to improve his family’s standard of living.

I just gave Luis 25 bucks through paypal.  He’s going to use that money to grow his business and keep up with demand, paying me back monthly.

He’ll be sewing in Ecuador and I’ll be sewing here in America.  It’s perfect.  Maybe someday I’ll even get to go visit him.

Check out

Maybe you’ll find yourself a Luis or two.  Believe me, it feels good.



One thought on “Help Somebody Out – It’ll Feel Good

  1. Miya Autumn says:

    Cool to see that you discovered Kiva as well. I am a true fan of what they are doing and also currently reading “banker to the poor” by Muhammad Yunus. If everything goes well, I’ll embark on an internship with them…(hope it will turn out that way!) 🙂

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