The Macy’s Day inflation viewing – DON’T GO!

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November 21, 2012 by chriszumtobel


It is a snail paced, unexciting, overcrowded, waste of time.  You will waddle by, pushing through the crowd as you see (or forget to look at because you are so miserable) all your favorite floats tied down and smashed into the ground.

Here’s the view I got of Charlie Brown’s bald head.


We tried to leave at each corner but were forced through the entire thing – which encompassed the entire block around the natural history museum – with no escape route…

If you really want to see the floats as they prepare for action, I recommend a walk up the west side of central park.  That was where we started and we ended up getting a great view of the smurf from up on mound at about 80th or 81st.


If you really, really still want to see the floats and you are coming from downtown then be sure to go through the park and loop around, turning onto 82nd and walking down Columbus to the entrance on 79th.  If you come from the south and don’t loop around, be prepared for an extremely long wait as you wade through enormous crowds all stuck waiting for the walk signal…

Or just wait for thanksgiving day and watch them in action!

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