Movie Spree! Seven Movies Worth Checking Out


December 7, 2012 by chriszumtobel

Everything Must Go: This one is cool because it is one of those movies, like Stranger than Fiction, where Will Ferrell reminds us that he can actually act, that he’s not just funny all the time.  Will is great in it, but the story is a little slow, if you love Will Ferrell then you should watch it, and if you don’t then you should probably skip this one.  Funny side note:  Will Ferrel only drinks Pabst in the movie (and a lot of it, as he plays an alcoholic) and Pabst is the holding company for the brand Old Milwaukee, for whom he recorded these commercials completely free of charge.

Broken Flowers: Classic Bill Murray.  Hey maybe there’s no closure and maybe you have more questions when it’s over then when it started, but the writing is great, the story is touching (in a Bill Murray sort of way), and he plays his role to perfection.  He gets an anonymous letter telling him a son he never knew he had is on the hunt for him, so he goes to each of the women who could potentially be the mother to find out more.

Reprise: As much as I loved many of the movies on this list, I have to say that this was my favorite.  It was just the combination of being in a foreign language (for some reason I love subtitles), being about two young writers, and the way it was told with the narrations about expectations for the future before showing us what the future actually held that did it for me.  A tough movie to describe, but one that is a perfect watch if what I just poorly described seems the least bit interesting to you.

Like Crazy:  This one was just okay.  I liked it well enough while I was watching it, but the more I thought about it, the cheesier it seemed.  It is a really frustrating movie about a couple of kids who fall in love in school, while one is studying abroad from London, and the two of them trying to figure out how they fit into each others lives from that point forward.  Not a bad movie, about moving on and choosing between careers and relationships, will make you hate the US customs laws, even if the way it works in the story isn’t entirely true.

Smoke:  Now this was a movie written by one of my favorite authors, Paul Auster, and it is an interesting story that captures a street corner in Brookyln amazingly well.  The problem is that if I had to name a weakness in all of Auster’s work, it would be his dialogue, and so, as you would imagine, some of the dialogue is a bit choppy and forced, but this movie is a great look at much ignored piece of New York.

Lost in Translation: This one is a close second to Reprise for me.  It is one of those movies that you love, but can’t quite grasp exactly.  It is a fun one to watch very late at night as it revolves heavily around insomnia.  Just writing this review makes me want to go and watch it again right now, another great Bill Murray role….

Goon: One of the greatest sports movies ever.  Hilarious and awesome, Seann William Scott is so loveable and vicious at the same time, beating people to a pulp while simultaneously telling them how sorry you are.  Must watch for anyone, whether you’ve watched a hockey game in your life or not.

I’ve included amazon links from the images, but you can find most of these movies right on Netflix!

Hope you enjoy!

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