The New Barclays Center VS the Classic TD Garden

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December 7, 2012 by chriszumtobel

I was lucky enough to see a game at both the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and the TD Garden in Boston, and I have to admit that although it was pretty cool to listen to Jay-Z over the speakers while watching him root his team on, the experience couldn’t stand up to the crowd, the awe, and the excitement provided by the legendary sports city of Boston.


As a building, Barclays center wins hands down (I mean look at the place), but as far as atmosphere goes the people of Boston are tough to beat.  I’ll admit that I had much better seats for Boston game, but it was more than just the seats.  The game in Brooklyn was much closer the whole way through than the game in Boston, but still, the crowd in Boston was entirely more engaged and rowdy.



It has everything to do with the dynasty of the Boston Celtics, compared to beginning of one by the up and coming Brooklyn nets.  I mean look at all the banners in the Garden and compare them to the most impressive in Brooklyn: the banner celebrating Jay Z’s 8 sold out nights in the arena (an impressive feat, but not one that can hold a candle to what the Celtics have done over the years – or that has anything to do with the Brooklyn Nets as a team).

Brooklyn is an exciting place and I have no doubt that the love of the Nets will continue to grow and maybe one day even reach caliber of the Celtic love in Boston, but as it stands the experience at Barclays is lacking compared to what the atmosphere at the Garden has to offer.

That being said, you should enjoy each for yourself and then make your judgment and let me know if you agree.  And after the Boston game, instead of battling the crowds at the T, head over to Griddler’s for a cheap, greasy, tasty bite!




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