The Guide to a Perfect Breakfast


February 21, 2013 by chriszumtobel


Back when I was studying abroad in Spain I fell in love with a routine: I would wake – usually around 11:30 (it’s the Spanish way), put on my slippers, and head to kitchen where my host mom would have a percolated pot of coffee sitting on the stove waiting for me.  Of course the coffee would be cold, but it would always taste delicious after a quick 45 seconds in the microwave (I may love coffee, but I am far from a coffee snob, any coffee will do).  I would then reach to cupboard where there were always packs upon packs of the perfect coffee dipping cracker / cookies.  I don’t even know what they were called, I only know they were delicious and I will never forget them.

I would grab seven of these cookies – not eight, not six – as taught to me by my host brother Pablo, and then would commence the most glorious way of beginning a day ever known to man.  Those cookie / crackers and that coffee made me feel the way few things do, just plain great.  I never thought I would find something to compare to it, not even anything close.  But then something amazing happened, something that compelled me to write this post today after my somewhat lengthy absence from the blogosphere… Coffee and Almonds.

O! How delicious they are!  I had cold coffee left over from the night before and I heated it up in the microwave (told you I am no coffee snob), but I wanted something to go with it.  I opened our cupboard to search among the very limited goods, hmm almonds… that sounds pretty good. I grabbed a small prepackaged handful of raw Trader Joes almonds, by this time my coffee was ready.  I took a seat, sipped my coffee, and ripped open the almonds.

The second that first almond smashed beneath my teeth and hit my taste buds, I was transported.  Transported to a different time, to a simpler time, to a wonderful time… transported to my breakfasts in Spain.  It’s not that these almonds tasted the same as the cracker / cookies I ate there, it’s just that they provide the same perfect contrast with the coffee.  The same feeling of washing down that great taste and picking the bits and pieces from between you teeth each bite, the same excitement as you transition from liquid to edible, and a similar eating experience to the one I loved so much in Spain.

This got me reading, reading and researching, I wanted to know if this really was a perfect breakfast.  And I think it is:

“If you have a sudden urge for something sweet in the middle of the day to raise lagging energy levels, try eating almonds for breakfast – they should help keep you going for longer, a new study has discovered. Almonds – a low glycemic food – help make you feel full for longer, and keep blood glucose levels down, say researchers from Purdue University.”

The perfect breakfast.  Plain and simple.  One sidenote: be sure to stick to a handful of almonds.  They are great in moderation, and delicious, but sometimes they are too delicious and it can be tough to stop, causing bad side effects. That’s why these prepackaged bags are great!

Stay tuned for the piece of the perfect breakfast puzzle that I left off: Field Notes, and I how they can best be used to kick start your day to make Progress Daily!

What’s your perfect breakfast??  We would love to hear it!

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