The Necessary Breakfast Companion

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March 8, 2013 by chriszumtobel

FieldNotesAt the end of my last post, I promised to address the piece of the perfect breakfast puzzle which I had left off: Field Notes.  Well, it doesn’t necessarily need to be Field Notes – I just think they are really cool – any notebook will do just fine (but I have to say the cooler a notebook is the more likely you are to use it, right?).

Whichever notebook you choose, it is a necessary piece of any perfect breakfast.  But the notebook actually starts as you are lying in bed thinking about your perfect breakfast to come the next morning.  This is when you’ve got to get your thoughts on paper, your day plotted out, put your mind to rest a little bit.

I’ve found that it really helps, not only to organize your next day, but also, as I just said in the paragraph before, to put your mind to rest.  It makes a real difference, rather than lying there and thinking, “Oh, I have to do this, I have to do this,” to just take the time to write them down when you first crawl into bed, and then to stop thinking about it all.

Then when you wake the next morning and pour your coffee (don’t forget your almonds), all your thoughts from the night before are laid out right before you.  Read them and refresh your memory as you begin your day and I promise it will make you more productive – it’s also a very quick, simple way to keep a journal, or log, of sorts!

How about it?  Do any of you guys take a notebook to bed with you at night and to breakfast with you in the morning?

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