About Me


I am a twenty year old who is taking a gap semester between traditional schooling in an attempt to find unique ways to learn and grow on my own.  I spent the last semester abroad in Bilbao, Spain and whenever I wasn’t busy taking in the Spanish culture, I was putting together the plans for a clothing company (branchclothing.com), which I spent the summer starting.  Growing my own company (even a tiny one) is an incredible learning experience and I’m sure many of my blog posts will be in regards to what I have learned with my fledgling business.

For this semester off from school, I have opted to not get a job (hopefully maintaining a small income from my business) but instead to write myself a syllabus of what I am to learn and accomplish this semester and hopefully hold myself accountable to it through this blog.  Any unique things I learn or ways to learn that I come across in my semester of progress will be relayed to you guys here!

Thanks for reading!

Chris Zumtobel

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great idea to take sometime to learn and grow. Also awesome clothing and cool logo for Branch Clothing.

    • Thank you! Starting a company is a lot of work but an incomparable experience. It always feels good to hear a compliment! Thanks for stopping by, can’t wait to check out your blog.

  2. Oscar says:


    I recently read your post “Misled by the American Dream: The Egg” and was hoping you would be interested in reading a piece of my own. A Reasonable Man, a short story, explores the unforeseen reality of the American Dream as it depicts the conflict between sacrifice and success.

    The story can be read free HERE (http://www.scribd.com/OscarHughes)! It is also available free on iPad, Nook and Kindle (tell them, by clicking and reporting a lower price, to make it free!). Honest reviews on any of the retailer sites are encouraged and any effort made to help spread the word is greatly appreciated.



    P.S. You have quite the syllabus (good stuff).

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